Doctor holding a 3D-rendered image of a human lung.

Lung Cancer Singapore: The Need for Enhanced Lung Cancer Screening

Explore the urgency of improved lung cancer screening in Singapore. Learn about latest techniques, benefits, and how early detection saves lives.

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Colonoscopy procedure with endoscope and monitor displaying patient's intestine.

Understanding Screening Colonoscopy: A Comprehensive Guide to Procedure, Risks, and Costs in Singapore

Dive into a detailed guide on Colonoscopy in Singapore and uncover the procedure, its risks, and associated costs. Stay informed and prepared.

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Dental tools in a tooth-like holder with a toothbrush nearby in a dental clinic.

How Oral Hygiene Can Help Manage Chronic Conditions

Discover the impact of oral hygiene on chronic conditions. Learn how maintaining oral health can positively influence overall well-being.

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Man taking sildenafil pills for erectile dysfunction (ED) issue.

Sildenafil Singapore: Is Sildenafil / Viagra the only treatment for erectile dysfunction?

Find out the alternative treatment options for erectile dysfunction (ED) besides using Sildenafil and Viagra.

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Actions required after receiving your IPA

Actions Required Upon Receiving PR IPA Letter from ICA

Find out what kind of actions are required from you upon receiving your PR IPA letter from ICA.

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Food Under $10 Image

Top 5 Places To Get Healthy Meals In Tanjong Pagar

Feeling hungry after fasting for your health screening? Looking for healthier options for your meal?

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Food Under $10 Image

Top 5 Places To Get A Cheap Meal Under $10 In Tanjong Pagar

Fasted for your health screening and feeling hungry? Want to know where to get delicious and cheap food?

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Cafe Image

Top 8 Cafes For Brunch And Coffee In Tanjong Pagar

Feeling your stomach craving for brunch and coffee after your health screening? Find the best cafes to hang around near our clinic.

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Elderly Health Screening Image

Affordable and Subsidized Healthcare and Screening For The Elderly

It is estimated that by 2030, a quarter of Singapore’s population will be above the age of 65...

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Anaemia Image

Anaemia: More Common Than You Think

Iron deficiency anaemia, also known as low red blood cells, is a prevalent global health problem...

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