Colonoscopy Screening in Singapore (2024)

Colonoscopy Screening in Singapore (2024)

3D image of endoscope with monitor displaying intestine for colonoscopy procedure.
3D image of colonoscopy with endoscope inside of intestine with polyp.
3D image of endoscope with monitor displaying intestine for colonoscopy procedure.

Colon cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer for males, and the second most diagnosed cancer for females in Singapore. This rise underscores the critical importance of early detection and prevention, with colonoscopy playing a pivotal role in this battle against cancer.

What is a Colonoscopy?

A colonoscopy is a medical procedure that allows doctors to examine the inner lining of your large intestine or colon. Using a thin, flexible tube called a colonoscope, doctors can view the entire colon and rectum. The colonoscope is equipped with a tiny video camera at its tip, providing clear images of the colon's interior. This procedure is essential for detecting early signs of cancer, polyps, and other abnormalities in the colon.

Why is a Colonoscopy So Important?

Colonoscopy is crucial because it is the most effective method for early detection of colon cancer. Detecting cancer in its early stages significantly increases the chances of successful treatment. Moreover, during a colonoscopy, doctors can remove polyps (small growths that could potentially become cancerous) before they develop into cancer. This not only helps in early detection but also in the prevention of colon cancer.

What Are the Risk Factors for Colon Cancer?

  • Age: People over 50 are more likely to develop colon cancer.
  • Family History: A greater risk exists for those with family members who had colon or rectal cancer.
  • Personal History: Individuals with a history of ulcerative colitis or Crohn’s disease face increased risk.
  • Dietary Habits: Eating a diet rich in fats and low in fruits and vegetables can raise the risk.
  • Smoking: Regular smoking is linked to a higher chance of getting colon cancer.

Symptoms of Colon Cancer

In the early stages, colorectal cancer often doesn't cause any symptoms. In the later stages, some common signs can include:

  • Changes in Bowel Movements: Experiencing either diarrhoea or constipation more often.
  • Blood in Stools: Noticing blood mixed in with bowel movements.
  • Ongoing Stomach Discomfort: Regular feelings of cramps, gas, or pain in the abdomen.

Is Colonoscopy a Safe Procedure?

Colonoscopy is generally considered a safe procedure. Complications are rare but can include bleeding, perforation of the colon, and reactions to sedation. The risk of these complications increases with the age of the patient and the presence of other medical conditions. However, the benefits of detecting and preventing colon cancer far outweigh these risks for most people.

Price of Colonoscopy in Singapore

Procedure Price*
Oesophago-Gastro-Duodenoscopy (OGD) From $1300
Colonoscopy From $2200
Oesophago-Gastro-Duodenoscopy (OGD) + Colonoscopy From $2700

Please also note that additional fees may apply for additional procedures uch as removal of polyps, medications and hospitalisation charges.

*Prices are subject to GST. Pricing as above for cash or direct payments. Payments via insurance claims may differ based on limitations of insurers.

Can I Use MediSave for My Colonoscopy?

You may use MediSave to pay for your colonoscopy screening at approved locations, provided you are aged 50 years and above, and it is a day surgery procedure. The limits are:

Procedure Limits
Day Surgery Up to a maximum of $300 per day for daily hospital charges, including investigations, medicines and doctor's attendance fees.
Operation A fixed operation limit of either $950 or $1,250, depending on the type of operations performed.

What Insurances or Corporate Schemes Can I Use for My Procedure?

Integrated Shield Plans

Insurance payments are applicable for diagnostic colonoscopies (when procedure is done to investigate a symptom) and generally do not cover screening colonoscopies.

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Corporate Schemes

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Why Choose ATA Medical for Your Colonoscopy?

Accredited Colorectal Specialists

Our colorectal specialists are accredited by the Specialists Accreditation Board (SAB), ensuring qualified and reliable care.

Dedicated Colonoscopy Facility

Our colonoscopy facility is accredited by the Ministry of Health, signifying our adherence to high standards.

Transparent Pricing

We provide clear pricing information upfront, ensuring no unexpected costs for our patients.

Where Can I Do a Colonoscopy Screening in Singapore?

ATA Medical is conveniently located at two different locations:

Consultation will be done at ATA Medical, and the colonoscopy will be scheduled on a separate day at a day surgery centre.

How Do I Book a Colonoscopy Screening?

Book Colonoscopy Screening Now

Book or Enquire More Through WhatsApp

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Frequently Asked Questions

A colonoscopy involves a doctor using a flexible tube with a camera (colonoscope) to examine the inside of the colon and rectum. It can detect polyps, tumours, and other changes in the large intestine.
Most people don't find colonoscopy painful. Sedation is usually provided, making the procedure comfortable. Some might experience mild discomfort or cramping post procedure, which should self resolve.
The cost varies depending on the healthcare provider and patient's insurance status. At ATA Medical, a colonoscopy is priced at $2200.
It is generally recommended to start regular colonoscopy screenings at age 50. However, those with risk factors like a family history of colon cancer may need to start earlier.
Recovery is quick. Most people can resume normal activities the next day. However, it's advised to rest for the remainder of the day after the procedure.
Yes, you can use MediSave for colonoscopy in Singapore provided you are aged 50 years and above and the procedure is performed at approved locations.
It depends on the insurance coverage. Most colonoscopies are done under day surgery, which qualifies under hospitalisation plans. Some corporate/individual insurances provide coverage up to 100 % of the fees while others may require a co-payment amount. Our specialist is accredited under many different panels for convenience of claims.

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