Frequently Asked Questions For Home-Based Mobile Health Screening

Frequently Asked Questions For Home-Based Mobile Health Screening


Please ensure that you are home at the appointed time. The mobile team will verify your identity through your NRIC Card, FIN Card or Passport.

Do remain hydrated by drinking an adequate volume of water as we require a urine sample for your health screening. All medications should be continued as usual.
Based on the Ministry of Health (MOH)’s guidelines, fasting is not necessary for LDL or bad cholesterol. However, consumption of alcohol and fatty meals should be best avoided 12 hours before health screening to prevent elevation of triglycerides that will affect LDL levels.
The HbA1C test is used to detect diabetes. By detecting sugar molecules connected to red blood cells, HbA1C tells us about blood glucose control during the previous three months.

If your HbA1C levels are abnormal, a fasting blood glucose test may be required to confirm the diagnosis of diabetes or prediabetes.
The HbA1C test, which assesses the degree of sugar associated with red blood cells, is not appropriate for people who have anaemia.

For those with a past medical history of high triglycerides levels, fasting will be recommended for individuals in this group.
Yes, local studies have found no significant variations in cholesterol levels between fasting and non-fasted blood samples. HbA1C is another well-known test for glucose monitoring.
Should you not be available, you may reschedule a visit at any of our clinics for health screening.

However, if you choose to reschedule another home-based visit less than 48 hours before your appointment time, a transportation charge of $38.15 NETT will be levied.
Yes you may. Please note that an admin fee of 10% would be charged. You may cancel your appointment 48 hours by emailing A refund will be made within 7 working days.
Yes, you can change your appointment date and time by emailing However, rescheduling or cancellation must be 48 hours before your appointment time. Otherwise, a charge of $38.15 NETT will be levied.
We accept payments through PayNow. After you have indicated your preferences for your package(s), date and time, our team will contact you to make payment. Upon successful payment, a receipt and confirmation will be sent to your email respectively. Please note we require upfront payment for all home-based screenings.
Yes, you can book an appointment on behalf of your family member(s).

It will be ideal if you can be present with your family member(s), should they need assistance in furnishing necessary medical information at the point of screening.

There are also bundle packages available for friends or family screening for 3 pax and above.
Available packages are here. We have also included a guide as to what package you may wish to choose based on your age.
Share our mobile home screening packages with other family members. Our bundle package pricing can be seen here.
You can schedule online through our website at or contact our Health Screening Coordinator via WhatsApp 88838892. This consultation is complimentary. However, if you decide not to do the screening, we will charge you a consultation fee of $27.25 NETT.
Simply use our booking form to select your packages and preferred date and time. Our team will contact you shortly after and your booking will be confirmed upon completion of payment.
There will be a surcharge of $32.70 NETT for inaccessible locations such as Sentosa or Jurong island.
For individuals below the age of 18, it is generally not required to do an extensive health screening. However, if you are keen to pursue specific types of health screening for these individuals, please email us at or call us at 88838892.

During Screening

Our mobile team is made up of ATA Medical employees. They are certified phlebotomists or state-registered nurses, and get ongoing in-house training to ensure that they are well-equipped to serve you.

Our team has years of experience in blood drawing to maximise your comfort level in the process of health screening.
It will take an estimated 15 mins per participant for the whole process. This process includes verification of particulars, biometric measurements and blood taking.
You may submit your sample directly at ATA Medical clinic located @ Anson House. Alternatively, you may request a 2nd collection at $38.15 NETT.


You can contact for a review. Alternatively, you can contact us via WhatsApp number 91709868.

During the consultation, we will explain the nature of the findings, necessary lifestyle changes as well as appropriate referral or follow-up, if any.
Yes, however this will be done at our screening centre, ATA Medical @ Anson House. You can discuss this with the Mobile Team whilst they are with you. Alternatively, you can email and our medical team will revert with appropriate medical advice.
Should you request a face-to-face consultation, please email
A full health report will be generated within 7 working days. An email notification will be sent to your designated email address when ready. You may then log in to retrieve your results.

You can contact for a review. Alternatively, you can contact us via WhatsApp number 91709868.