COVID-19 cPass Antibody Test Booking

Who Vaccinated Clients who wish to find out if they have developed a level of protection against the COVID-19 virus.

Note: If you would like to update your vaccination status to National Immunization Records (NIR), please book our Anti-S Serology Test instead.
Price cPass Antibody Test (1 test) - $69.55 NETT*

cPass Antibody Test (2 tests, i.e before and after your vaccination) - $128.40 NETT*

*Prices are inclusive of GST.
How to Please use the booking form below to make an appointment. Upon making an appointment, please allow us 1 working day to confirm your appointment.

If you require an urgent appointment, please call our clinic at 6223 0682 / 8883 8128.
Results We will email you your results in 7 days.