Healthier SG - Be Healthy, Live Better with ATA Medical

Healthier SG - Be Healthy, Live Better

ATA Medical is an accredited Healthier SG Clinic - enrol with us now.

What Is Healthier SG?

Healthier SG is a campaign that encourages you to establish a relationship with a family doctor who can devise a tailored health plan that caters to your specific needs. Through this, you can enjoy the advantage of working alongside your preferred doctor to ensure your health progresses according to plan.

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Healthier SG: 6 Benefits With ATA Medical

Free first consultation with us

Earn 3000 Healthpoints ($20 worth in vouchers through the Healthy 365 app) after your first consultation

Free nationally recommended health screenings and vaccinations

From early 2024, Healthier SG Chronic Tier Drugs patients are eligible to enjoy subsidies of up to 87.5% similar to that of polyclinic

Receive subsidies of up to $360 on other components of chronic care, such as consult and lab tests

From early 2024, higher MediSave usage and less cash co-payment requirement for chronic treatment


Healthier SG: How Can I Sign Up With ATA Medical?

Simply fill up the form here or contact us through WhatsApp.

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Healthier SG Enrolment Timeline

Early Enrolment (May 2023) Healthier SG Kick-off (From July 2023)
  • 40 years old and above
  • Have an existing chronic condition
  • Is under the care of a Healthier SG-registered General Practitioner (GP) for chronic conditions
  • Singapore Residents and permanent residents (aged 60 years and above)

Healthier SG: Subsidized Health Care Alternatives

If you are not eligible for Healthier SG, you may be entitled to other forms of subsidies.

Type Subsidies available
Singaporeans (Eligible)
Singaporeans (Non-Eligible)
Permanent Resident
  • N/A

How To Enroll With Us?

  • An SMS will be sent to eligible residents (aged 60 and above).
  • Select ATA Medical as your preferred clinic through HealthHub.
  • Schedule your first complementary health consultation with us.

If you need help, talk to our friendly staff today. We are able to guide you through this process.

Why ATA Medical?

ATA, translating to 'you' in Hebrew, signifies our dedication to you as an individual. At ATA, we are driven by the belief that each individual can attain better health through the modern and evidence-based healthcare. Our patient centric approach to healthcare has resulted in many return visits to us.

Importantly, ATA Medical specializes in health screening on a daily basis and has seen over thousands of health screening patients over the past few years. We have been creating personalised health plans for our patients over the years as part of their routine post screening consultations. If you choose ATA Medical as your Healthier SG provider, we will be able to create a detailed health plan based on your comprehensive health screening results, on top of your other medical and personal history.

Frequently Asked Questions

At ATA Medical, we are also able to provide consultations in the form of teleconsults, as well as home screening and medication deliveries. This allows you to access quality medical care without the need to wait physically at clinics. This also reduces the chance you are exposed to acute conditions. If you would like to visit us physically, we can also arrange a time slot where it is less crowded for you, such as the afternoons. After your visit, you may also opt to enjoy Tanjong Pagar, where it is brimming with trendy cafes and excellent shopping opportunities.
You may utilize Healthier SG Benefits such as formulating your Healthier SG Health Plan during your routine review after health screening, and obtaining free nationally recommended vaccinations, all on the same visit.

ATA Medical can also provide subsidized chronic medications after your screening, at a subsidized rate similar to that of a polyclinic.
Singapore Citizens may apply for Community Health Assistance Scheme (CHAS) cards and enjoy subsidies on chronic medication. WhatsApp / Talk to our friendly staff today to understand more.

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